Competency is everything! The era of competitiveness is coming!

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is about to be widely used in various industries, and may gradually cover many people's workplace functions. Even like the plot of a science fiction movie, one day AI will control human life... In various alarmist "future theories" At a time when people are in turmoil, it is most important for children's education to return to the basics, and to cultivate competitiveness that keeps pace with the times! Happy

Marian has been the first to combine American English teaching with children's cognitive development since 1991, emphasizing all-round learning. , whole personality development, making American English not a subject but a communication tool. Happy Marian's American Early Childhood Course allows children aged 2-6 to absorb the necessary common sense and knowledge in the process of growing up in American English, and also lays a deep and broad foundation for American English expression. Following the American elementary school curriculum for ages 7-15, based on the solid foundation of American English that children have already established, they continue to build their ability to keep pace with outstanding international peers.

J3 Ming Shin transferred to Kindergarten, an American public school, half a year early because his father went to the United States for further study. When entering school, the American school conducted an American English proficiency assessment for the child (for students whose native language is not English), and rated it as Level 3, which means that his American English ability is good and he can learn and communicate effectively in American English. Parents are very grateful to Happy Marian’s teaching model for allowing Ming Shin to seamlessly integrate into foreign learning environments.

Happy Marian has cultivated many outstanding students from famous international schools and elites in various industries with its original teaching concepts and curriculum models for more than 30 years. It is great to see that schools and private learning institutions at all levels are now beginning to realize this kind of operational teaching. became popular due to the importance of law. However, Happy Marian’s innovation is continuous! Starting from August 2023 , Happy Marian American Elementary School will launch a blockbuster curriculum that is unique in the market ~ Competency! Competency is a unique set of teaching materials based on ECTAS (Entertainment, Culture, Technology, Art, Social Experiment), five major areas allow children to explore knowledge and integrate what they have learned.

From daily life and entertainment to cultural experience, from art, culture and technology to social observation, let children’s study of American English be deeper and broader! Taking Entertainment as an example, children can appreciate international classic movies and understand their production processes, reasons for winning awards, classic plots and unique features. Culture lists the geography, humanities, food, and customs of various countries, and Technology explores the development of world technology. , from the four major inventions to the design of today's drones, etc., Art covers the world's famous painters and various art schools and creative forms. Social Experiment also covers various social phenomena and experiments and enlightenment of some famous psychological or behavioral patterns. Children’s thinking and research qualities.

Happy Marian Competency is an all-inclusive set of textbooks with all-inclusive themes, coupled with Happy Marian’s original Learning by Doing teaching method, the courses are lively and exciting. Children can travel around the world, understand the evolution of world affairs, and grasp world trends in the classroom. This systematic class The step-by-step curriculum makes children's international vision broader and their American English expressions more connotative! It truly cultivates children's American English literacy, which coincides with the core appeal of Taiwan's current 108 curriculum and helps children accumulate knowledge in advance. The foundation of international exchanges!

Trends are constantly evolving, but human wisdom is still the master. It is the responsibility of parents to let their children learn in one step. They must choose a suitable learning environment, stimulate their children's learning fighting spirit, cultivate solid competitiveness, and let their children Only by being at the forefront of the world can you avoid being eliminated!
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